Saturday, April 18

Easiest Way to Make your Woman Happy !

There are Three A's how to do it .

1. Appreciation.

In order to understand what a women needs in order to feel appreciated, let's listen in on a conversation between Jessica and her mom, and Scott and his dad.

"Hi, Mom, how are you?"

"Great, Jessica. How are you? How was Beth's wedding? Tell me everything!"

"Oh, Mom, it was beautiful. Beth's dress was stunning, like she stepped out of a fairy tale. Puffed sleeves, Belgian lace, real seawater pearls, and the fabric was the most gorgeous satin I've ever seen."

"What was her bouquet like?"

"All roses. Cream, white, light pink. And the centerpieces had the same roses, with candles."

"What did you wear?"

You get the picture.

Now we'll flash to Scott's conversation with his dad.

"Hi, Dad."

"Hi, Scott. How's it going?"

"Great. You?"

"Just fine. How was the wedding?"


"Glad to hear it. Love you, son. Take care."

"Love you too, Dad."

End of dialogue.

Why did it take Jessica longer to say hello to her mom than Scott's whole conversation with his dad? Because men and women are different. Women go into detail because they use words to connect on an emotional level. Men, on the other hand, use words in order to communicate information. That's why just saying hello and goodbye for a woman can take longer than an entire conversation for a man.

Understanding this is the key to appreciating your wife. If you really want to make her feel appreciated, then allow her to connect to you emotionally through those details. That's what she needs.

Now you understand why, when you ask her how work was today, she answers, "Oh, at the beginning it was great. I was walking down the street, looking at the sky and thinking that maybe..." She's connecting to you.

Be open enough to listen.

She'll feel that you appreciate who she is and what she thinks and feels. And if you want to throw in a bonus now and then, so when she asks you the same question, answer her by telling her how crowded the train was, and the coffeemaker was broken so you went down the street to Starbuck's and on the way you met an old college roommate - to you it may sound boring, but she's going to feel great that you're sharing the details of your day. Trust me.

2. Attention

Give your wife your undivided attention when she talks to you. What's undivided attention? That means assuming "the position." Put the paper down. Put the computer on standby. Turn off the TV ("off", not "mute"). Make eye contact.

Now, you may be thinking, that's not so hard. I can even fake it if I have to, right? Wrong! Remember what we said earlier about women and relationships? Her relationship-radar will tell her that you are spacing out even before you realize it.

So don't take chances. Put aside whatever you're doing, make eye contact and listen to her with your undivided attention. And if you're really too busy at the moment, then assume that position and say, "You know, honey, I really want to hear what you have to say, but I'm right in the middle of something and I can't drop it. As soon as I finish I'll be able to give you my undivided attention, okay?" Good job.

3. Affection

The number one tool for showing your spouse affection is to use "affectionate tones". What are affectionate tones, you ask? Using affectionate tones means always speaking in a way that conveys love and respect.
See, we men tend to divide the relationship into various components. Part of it includes affection, so then we'll speak in affectionate tones. Paying the bills? Business tones. Parenting? Parenting tones. Going out with friends? Social tones. But for women, everything in the relationship is a relationship. It doesn't matter what you're doing; for her, it's an opportunity to connect.
So if it's time for affection, use affectionate tones. Balancing the checkbook? Affectionate tones. Whatever you're doing, use affectionate tones.
Now, go find your soul mate. Start giving her the three A's. You'll be shocked at how immediate the results are, and how your relationship will be stronger and more loving than you ever thought it could be.

If you guys out there you really want your woman to be happy , just do the three A's and everything will be ok . It is not a martyr thingy but it is the those easies way how your partner to be happy and how you respect them .


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