Friday, May 5

Today is awesome

I don't know where to start to say about anything or myself or whatsoever.
All I know, I wanted to write something on my blog to be updated that all.

Well, here we go.

Today it is an awesome day because I was able to talk to my kids in I was able to talk to my wife at the same time. Chit chat for a while and laughing at loud

For our video in Facebook messenger. I am amazed that my kids know these technologies now since before we don't have it.

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Sunday, July 31

How to be a cool dad and a husband....

How to be a cool dad and a husband?!...

That is my question that keeps on bugging me.
But what can I say, it's the fact that we need to do if you have a family that you don't need to lose your coolness.

If you are able to be cool before why not now!...right?!!...
Crazy thoughts..
What I can think of something, for me it will follow everything if you are a cool dad and a husband.

Experience wise it is best that keep your coolness and everything will be fine.
Especially if your family will call you cool dad and a husband.
If you have anything to add about how to become a cool dad and a husband fell free to email me, then I will add it here.
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Wednesday, March 23

Duterte na ta mga bay!

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Saturday, March 5

New Life...

Welcome Back gregsin...
Risen from the grave....
Born Again....
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