Friday, January 26

Hello Blog

I was not able to update you since last year.
I was so busy, Hope your ok.
Me I am ok .
Celebrating  New Year and Sinulog.
And that was ok also.
Right now I am OK  I think.....
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Thursday, November 30

Magbuwag ta kay the movie ( Cebu )

A must see movie.....

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Thursday, November 23

Welcome to GregSin Blog

Welcome to  GregSin Blog .
It is my personal blogsite.

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My name is Gregorio A.Senining Jr, I am a part time blogger who is fond of creating blogs since college days and the present. I am from Cebu City, Philippines. Aside from blogging, I love to design logos, banners and some graphic stuff anything under the sun. Also I love to watch movies ( sci-fi and documentary) and tv series.
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