Thursday, May 17

Traumatic Experience

Hello Blog

It's been a while that I update you, I am so busy about of almost everything. Career, family and friends. I may not able to update you, but I know you are there waiting for me to update you about what's up on me.....

Right now, my wife and I are having problem who will attend with my kids when they will be home. And who will assist my wife if she needs something.

To make the story short, what happen to my wife. We had an accident last month, a car hit us while we are on a motorcycle. Which causes her a physical injuries and on top of it a broken left leg. I just got minor bruises on my left leg. It is so very traumatic of what happen.

I know life is unfair, but I know hope is still there since we are still alive and kicking.

I know also that God will guide and provide us more strength and good health in our daily lives for my family.

So till next update my blog.

God Speed.


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