Wednesday, July 27

Another Day!

Another day past ,I was exhausted of work .

But I was contented, because I work with reason.

And the reason for that is my family, they are my strength and it motivates me each and everyday .Not just to work hard but to work smart and honest. This day is a rainy day, when I went to work I thought I will be wet because of the heavy rain. But for some reasons , the rain just drizzled and I was able to go to work with out making me wet with the rain. So lucky I am or it is just coincedence , but whatever reason for what happen . I am glad that I was able to work again since I need to work and work .My work is not that very stressful but it is challenging , so that is why I am excited everyday. And  I am sad every time the time is up or my work is done, because I will miss it. But then again it will be another day tomorrow , and on the near future.

When I went home , heavy rain pouring on the street without any plans of stopping.  But after  like 10 - 20 minutes , the rain passed but still it is very windy. So i rode a jeepy quickly so that I can go early and I can see my family again. I really love my family  and we love God .

So the night it is , I was updating my blog . And I am planning to go to sleep early since it is very cold .


Athena Olsen said...

Actually Rainy Season is the most wonderful season for all seasons. Everybody likes to wet in rain particularly in The rainy season. It is very hard to go to office when it is raining. I think you also fall in this problem. And after all your rainy night were very wonderful. I think you feel that night very much.

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