Monday, October 19

Foreplay in Making Love !

Making love can be an opportunity for you and your partner to create beautiful synergy. It can be a doorway into uncovering important aspects of yourself... where you stand naked and undefended in the presence of love and acceptance. Here are a few tips in practicing conscious loving.

Make sure that before you enter any lovemaking experience, you feel whole and complete, and are not just making love because you feel like something is missing. When you approach lovemaking from a place of desperation, you risk being left more desperate than before. Lovemaking is not a way to fulfill something that is lacking. It is a way to enhance what is already there. It can take a blissful bond and make it even richer.
Create a safe space where you can both relax, and are centered in the moment. When you touch, do it as though your hands are made of love, as though the area of the body you are contacting is a sacred artifact, as though you've never seen anything as beautiful as the being before you, as though you are exploring the very essence of your partner.

Make eye contact. Breathe together. Check in with one another. Read each other's bodies. Let your sounds tell your partner how you're feeling. Go spelunking in your lover's eyes, and seek the divine spark inside of them. Look for, and practice recognizing, the aspect of them that is God/Spirit/Cosmic Energy.
If things get too exciting and you lose the focus of love, then slow down, breathe, and bring it back to your heart. Bring your focus back to a loving space rather than ravaging desire. Passion is not about how hot you can get or what positions you can contort into. Passion is about heart connection. It's about how deeply you can connect to your partner.
Foreplay, mid-play, and after-play are all equally important. Spend time in a loving embrace with your partner. Even after your movement has stopped, keep the energy flowing between you. Spend time connecting through your eyes. Don't change the subject, nor talk about things other than what is right in front of you. This time of stillness is a time to bask in the beauty of simply being together.


~ Maria ~ said...

sensual and touching :D
good one kuya greg !

Zalzieta said...

great post

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