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I am not a Filipino, never considered myself one a long time ago. I am a Cebuano and my late father once said: "There's a whale of a difference between the two". And that distinction between the Cebuano and Filipino was never more pronounced than the result of the 2001 Senatorial Elections. The election results nationwide from Manila to Mindanao showed an even trend, far below the expectations of the anti-Erap advocates. Can you believe that? After we've been screwed in the ass by a pea-brained Tagawg! But the Cebuanos voted differently. We Cebuanos voted with the same clear sightedness and maturity that scared the sh_t out of Marcos and his massive cheating and terrorism in collusion with his Ilocano Generals were defeated by the Pusyon Bisaya during the Parliamentary Elections in the seventies. We Cebuanos have a better sense of truth and justice and we have always been the vanguards against tyranny and oppression since 1521 when Chief Lapu-lapu whacked Magellan.
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Cebu City was the first established capital of the islands until the seat of the Spanish colonial government was moved to Manila in the early 17th century. Why? Can you imagine if Malacanang Palace were in Cebu City in September 21, 1972? Marcos would have been barbecued in Pasil in less than 24 hours. That's the same reason why Legaspi changed his mind and moved the capital to Manila and not because Cebu was no longer a commercially viable port during the galleon trade with Acapulco. Legaspi was simply traumatized by Magellan's defeat in Mactan and was clearly intimidated by the Cebuanos.

In Col. Manuel Segura's book "Tabunan: The Exploits of Cebu Guerillas," the dauntless yet under-armed Cebuanos inflicted the highest number of enemy forces killed per guerilla fighter in the Philippines. The indomitable spirit and determination of the Cebuano fighters to arm themselves against the superior Japanese Forces became the progenitor of the now burgeoning gun (paltik) industry in the province. One of the most famous guerilla fighters who later became a successful arms manufacturer was Simeon Cortes who once fabricated mortars out of sewer pipes.

The imminent invasion of Australia was thwarted when Japanese General Koga who was carrying the classified blueprint of the military plan to invade Australia was captured by Cebuano guerillas off the coast of Minglanilla. Yet this brave tales remain a footnote in military history. Why, because history is written by the Tagawgs of the North. We once had a Cebuano President, Don Sergio Osmena, Sr., who never got re-elected for being too honest to tell the Filipinos that he could not promise them a better life in a country reeling from the destruction of war. He never licked the butt of the "Liberator kuno", the legendary mama's boy General Douglas MacArthur. He was a great President in the wrong country!

Do you know that the Cebuanos produced more world boxing champions than any other ethnic group in the Philippines? Let me refresh your memories. One of the all-time greats in the Junior Lightweight division was the legendary Gabriel "Flash" Elorde. The followed were Bernabe Villacampo, Frank Cedeno, Dodie Boy Penalosa, Jerry Penalosa and Joma Gamboa.

The Cebuanos also produced the best singers and musicians in this archipelago. We are all familiar with names like Pilita Corrales, Amapola Cabase, Dulce, Eva Santos, Vernie Varga, Manilyn Reynes, Vina Morales, Chad Borja, Ray-an Fuentes, Stax Hugete, Ingrid Sala endless. This is a testament to the artistry and creativity and the passion to excel that is deeply ingrained in the genetic code of every Cebuano.

We are a unique people blessed by the Santo Nino. We have lesser typhoons, criminality, traffic jams and virtually no earthquakes. Our artisans are world-class- we have the best furniture makers, the best gun makers, the best guitar makers, and the best delicacies, etc., etc.

We deserve nothing less than the best in governance and to be able to run the affairs of the state and economy by ourselves without relying or being exploited by the hopelessly corrupt Manila children don't have to suffer the torturous Tagawg lessons in school because our own language is more eloquent and superior. Is there a Tagawg word for husband? Or who can better pronounce the words Beatles, popsicle, tricycle, uncle? Cebuanos or Tagawgs? Baaah!! Yet they make a mockery out of our accent and they think all Cebuana girls are maids.

Since the choice of our national leaders will always be superseded by the choice of ignorant Filipinos, the time is ripe for the Cebuanos to rise and demand self-determination. Mga Moros ra diay maka-hibaw? No doubt we can do better than what Singapore has accomplished as an independent State. Let the rest of the country be run like hell by the Ilocanos, the Pampangos, Pangasinense and Tagawgs. Give Mindanao to the Moros, they deserve it! Kamong nang botar ni Loi, Ping, Honasan, Angara inyo na ang Pilipinas. Leave Cebu to the Cebuanos. So, who's with me in this crusade? Sugdan na nato mga igsoon! Voice out your anger! Cebuano Pride is burning! So please don't call me Filipino in the same manner that the Catalans, the Andalucians, the Malaguenas and the Basques don't want to be called Spaniards!


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