Friday, May 4

Facebook hails Filipina with touching story..

This is an amazing story about Riza -- a young woman on a small island where the only job for women was collecting seashells, yet she used to earn a degree in computer science.

The story of a Filipina from the province of Antique in Panay Island has caught the attention of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg was particularly amazed at how Riza Mae Tachado of Malalison Island in Culasi, Antique broke barriers and improved herself by going to school, even graduating with a degree in computer science, with the help of the Internet.

In the video posted by Zuckerberg in his Facebook account, Riza is shown collecting seashells by the shore. Riza explained that on their small island, the only job for women is to collect seashells.

"Subalit higit pa ang gusto ko sa sarili ko," she said in the video.

To realize that dream, she took computer science in town, taking boat rides every day just to go to school.

She continues that while she was writing her thesis, a strong typhoon hit their area and she could not leave the island for weeks. Her mobile phone served as her virtual classroom and kept her in touch with her groupmates.

She and her classmates used Facebook through to write their thesis "Automated Water Billing System of Culasi Water District."

Tachado proudly stated that she is the first in her family to graduate with a degree in computer science.


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