Tuesday, January 19

Making your wife happy

This are for those who are married and those who are planning to settle down.

Marital happiness is often compared with honey cells built by two bees, and the more they work, the sweeter honey is inside. Many people ask why they are deprived of happiness, harmonious family relations and how to get them back? There is no doubt that happiness of family first of all depends on a couple itself.
The main condition - understanding between partners. They should be united by love, but not that frivolous love, which erupts and suddenly extinguish, but the one that links spiritual harmony and gentle noble sentiments. Well, how to make a wife happy?  .

1. You both should have common views on life.

2. Try to help your wife at home.

3. Try not to pay attention to some shortcomings of your wife, and always remember that her dignity and noble qualities will hide minor shortcomings. If you do not like one quality in her, then you will be pleased with another one.

4. Be gentle and tender towards your wife, have fun with her, caress her.

5. Listen to criticism in your address from your wife with patience and magnanimity.

6. Be kind to your wife and children. The best of you - those who treat their families the best way.

7. If you are good to members of your family, they will also treat you kindly, filling your life with joy.

8. Do not save money on your wife or children, but spend money only for good. All your expenses for family will be rewarded. Prophet Muhammad said: “Best money - those that are spent on a family.” Do not say your wife you maintain her. This is your responsibility. If you reproach wife with this, you lose a reward for this good act.

9. Never humiliate your wife, because it leaves a trace in her heart for a long. The most dangerous humiliations - those that your wife can forgive on words, but will never forgive in heart - insults, when you are angry, curse of her parents, accusations of infidelity, etc.

10. If you treat your wife well, she will reciprocate. Let her feel you appreciate her happiness most of all, care of her health and is ready to sacrifice much to cure her during her illness.

11. Remember that your wife always wants to stay abreast of what is happening with you, so talk to her often. Returning home, try not to be doomed, grim, silent. All this can cause fear and suspicions in your wife.

12. Do not wait your wife would be interested in your professional interests. Therefore, if you are, for example, a professor of astronomy, do not hope your wife will be worried about state of stars and planets.

13. Be direct and honest, and then your wife will treat you the same way. Do not leave secrets - it can lead to questioning in each other.

14. Beware to cause your wife’s sense of jealousy specially or by accidentally said words, that you are offered to marry a second wife. Do not show your delight with other woman. All this could wound your wife’s heart deeply, make her worrying and doubting in you, which, in its turn, will affect her health, as well as respect for you.

15. Do not remind your wife about her physical shortcomings or mistakes, especially in front of strangers. Do not reproach her.

16. Watch your behavior and try to transform, educate yourself, because not only your wife is obliged to do so. Do not keep your old bad habits. Avoid anything that could cause anger in your wife, even if it’s just a joke.

17. Try to adopt positive qualities of your wife.

18. Be always calm and never go mad, because anger - a source of hatred among people. If you offended your wife, apologize immediately. Do not go to bed being angry with your wife, while she is offended and crying. Try to understand why you were angry - it is something small, not worth your wife’s tears.

19. Allow your wife feeling confidence. Do not make her your shadow, which should follow you, forgiving all your whims. Instead, encourage her to have her own views on life. Consult with her in all cases. Listen to her, if you see she is right, and tell her about it. If you do not agree with her, then try to convince her discreetly and politely.

20. Every time your wife is worthy of praise and gratitude, say her kind words.

21. Do not reproach your wife. Do not compare her with relatives you admire.

22. Try to give your wife an opportunity to receive education. If she wants to obtain a license in any industry, support her, unless it does not prevent her from carrying out marital duties and domestic affairs. Every time she succeeds, encourage her.

23. Listen to your wife attentively, when she starts talking, because it helps pouring her heart and getting rid of many emotional problems. Avoid charges of lying during of conversation. There are, however, women who like talking too much, gossiping about husband’s families. In such cases it is necessary to deal wisely with them, be calm, warn them of such conversations, and their unintended consequences.

24. Your wife should always feel safe from any trouble, be confident that you will never leave her.

25. Allow your wife feeling that you will always provide her materially, no matter how rich she may be. Never try to seize her inheritance, got from her father. Do not save money on her, even if she is very rich, because she needs a sense you really replace her real father.

26. Your love to your wife should not prevent you from loving your parents or relatives. Each of them should get their share of your love. Love all, not forgetting anybody. This will ensure harmony in family relations.

27. In all spheres of life treat your wife the way you would like her to treat you.

28. Visit her family and relatives, keep good relations with them, full of love and respect.

29. Do not make your wife being jealous to your work that brings you a living. Do not detain at work longer than necessary. Work should not take you too long, especially in the end of week. Do not deprive your wife of joy from sharing family rest at home or somewhere else, she should not miss and be sad.

30. Coming out of the house, ask your wife to smile for you. Coming back, do not go home unexpectedly. Allow her being ready to meet you in the form she wants to appear in front of you, especially if you are returning from a long trip.


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