Friday, February 12


PUMA PHONE teased, has a solar panel, sports applications


A teaser site is up for the PUMA PHONE - yes, the company better known for its sports equipment is going to join the mobile phone race next week. It has a solar panel and its features are geared towards a sporty crowd.
The teaser site doesn't have much to say, but looking through the source code of the page, we found some additional info that is not visible otherwise. Here's what we know - it will have a solar panel on the back (a "Solarmeter"), a GPS receiver as well as Bike Tracker and Run Tracker, which would help you monitor your exercises, as well as a step counter.

The PUMA PHONE also sports (if you'll pardon the pun) Video Chat (so, it probably also has 3G), something called "PUMA Icon Messaging (Puma Language)" - presumably a chat client, maybe one that roars all the time, and finally, a Music Turntable (perhaps something like the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ has).
It's connectivity is said to be good enough to "embrace the PUMA Community on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube", whatever that means.
The PUMA PHONE is apparently being developed by Sagem, who also developed several Porsche-branded phones, but we'll know more in five days at the MWC.
Source: PUMA PHONE site, MobileCrunch


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