Thursday, September 2

Love Is A Killer

You came, you saw, you conquered; you said I was the only one
Should have trusted in my basic instincts, left well enough alone
Wasn’t long before I was addicted,
you became my drug of choice
A habit of intense emotion wreaking havoc;
misery’s darkened voice
Love is a killer

The outer trappings of my life portrayed as sheer perfection,
because the universe at large sees nothing wrong
with cheap affection
Grand illusions sparkling off the gaudy baubles it admires,
My inner vision fades
to appalling black-hole quagmires
Love is a killer

I wake each day to loneliness, thick curtains drawn to shield the sun
Sharpened claws which bear no shame,
summer dressing come undone
Exposure’s proof traumatic,
feels much colder than the frosty rime
of late November autumn, living past its prime
Love is a killer

Your heart’s a pointed dagger poised above my head
One final thrust and I begin to stagger,
a different path that I must tread
My flesh a rotting corpse, Azriel rips my soul for prey
Builds a mausoleum chamber of eternal nothingness
that echoes death’s decay
Your love was the killer

by Nancy Pawley
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