Saturday, July 11

10 Tips for a good massage partner

This is the english version from the Blog ( "SEX AND FETISH" )

This very well that in the preliminaries before .. but because a good relaxing massage, sometimes one does not feel like due to stress, fatigue, monotony or time. But such a masajito if you do it properly, with clamors, unhurried, not focusing all your attention if you not the person to whom it is addressed, I can assure you that she or the course will reward you amply.

1) Eat light before the massage. There is no better time to try a light menu and 100% based aphrodisiac oysters, strawberries and champagne.

2) the room properly acclimatize. The ideal temperature: 25 degrees. It should be a warm environment for muscles to relax and have a full body massage. Bear in mind that you will bare!

3) To foster an atmosphere Zen: dims the lights and disconnected the phone to not bother you. A gentle and relaxing music background create the right atmosphere. You can also evaporate into the atmosphere so that the essential oil aroma is nice: 3 drops of orange oil will relax tension.

4) Create a comfortable place: Place soft cushions on the bed, the couch or floor, use soft blankets or towels thick and warm, pleasant to the skin.

5) Invest in oil massage. Choose something that is fluid and fat to slide your hands or by the skin. Avoid paraffin oil, which is a chemical and vegetable oil decántate biológico. As for the smell, the choice is yours: sweet almond, macadamia, sesame, apricot ...

6) Remove jewelry and cut the nails to avoid scratching the couple.

7) Address the feelings of others: the pressure varies according to their reactions. You can feel her breathing.

8) Change technique: rubbing, kneading, pinching, massaging, pressing ... And above all, prevent scarring and varicose veins.

9) Share: The erotic massage is primarily an exchange of papers, and therefore feelings.

10) Let the imagination: Toggles your kisses and caresses with mimes, you know just what he likes your partner!


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