Tuesday, February 19

Unusual and Funny moment today!

Earlier today , I got a phone call from someone that I do not know. So I answered the phone thinking maybe it was just long lost friends. But I was shocked because it was Lendo, Lendo is an online Loan company. Then this agent ask me my name, then I was silence like a minute or two, but still I was able to ask again who is calling. Then the agent told me that she was calling from Lenddo Loan  and confirming that my loan application was approved . So my answered to the agent are" Great  and ok just call me back ", since that time it was my break time and almost got an over break for that call.  Then the agent just told me" ok sir" I will take a note for that. Then after that call, I feel unusual like mixed emotions, because I was thinking that maybe it was fraud or maybe I am just lucky.

Then after my work Lendo agent called me again, then that time I ask so many questions and I was answered very briefly also. But the most thing that I was so amused about was when the agent told me to repeat after her about the OATH , and at that time I was on the corridor at my workplace. That was so funny. I was laughing discretely  after that call.

 So as of the moment I am thinking of doing the last step that the agent told me to do before the load will be transferred to my account online. I will cross my fingers tomorrow if everything will be in order. Looking forward Lendo.


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