Thursday, August 18

Becoming a Better Person .

I believe that anyone can become a better person. First, you need to believe in yourself. Stop thinking about how other people are and look at yourself. Don't judge others especially by the car they drive or the clothes they wear. Have compassion for others, because there are many people who are struggling with financial or emotional problems that we know nothing about. Stop the gossip, is your life that boring that you need to talk about your neighbor or co-worker?

You don't need your Bible for this one. Stealing, cheating and lying are all things we can do without. Just think about how you feel when someone does this to you. Also, getting even never pays. It is better to do nothing and walk away. Maybe that person will take a hint from your actions.
Instead of being selfish, share your lunch with a friend. Offer to dog sit for a neighbor. Offer to help the elderly lady with her groceries. How about surprising your neighbor, by cutting their grass for them? Just not too short. It is the little things you do for people that can make you a better person and a happier one.
If your a parent, than being a better person should be very important to you. The things we tell our children to do or not to do is what we should follow too. This could be to avoid cursing, listening to other people or respecting others. It is great advice but do we follow it?
When you do something for someone, don't boost about it because we will get our rewards in another form. You don't want to embarrass anyone by boosting about your good deed. You know that whatever you put out, bad or good always comes back to you. That is Karma.
Seek spiritual guidance. Try to be meek and humble. This doesn't make you any less of a person. Don't be afraid to be weak. Don't be proud to be strong. Just look into your heart. It is not what we want, it is about what we can give. Through our gifts we receive joy and happiness.
I feel sorry for the haters, beaters, cheaters. These people are not happy with themselves, I believe they are all crying inside. We all want to become a better person and with that note we all have something special to give. Share the love.
Another thing that may help you become a better person is to stop listening to what others have to say about you. We can't please everyone and too many people will judge you cause of the way you dress, look or what you have done in the past. Remember,to cherish the past and always go forward.


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