Saturday, June 2

Very Long Saturday

A very long saturday today, for some reason I don't know. Maybe I just woke up too
early or maybe the weather is just fair. But I love this day, bonding with family with
quality time.

Feels like it is a first time that we bond, what a feeling. But it is great,

and I love it and hoping today will not end. Sigh! A very long saturday, we ate together


And we rest for while and sleep for a moment,and I thought I will woke up

when the sky is dark. But again today is a very fair day and the sky is clear and I love

it.Even today it has some minor glitches on the very fair saturday, still I feel great and

fine. What a very long saturday it is.

That is why  I am in the mode updating my personal blog, feels great and again hope it

will last until the sky will be dark. As of the moment we are watching tv together, and

it feels so good, quality time for my family.Thanks long saturday, waiting to have this

feeling the same by tomorrow.


Tim Mcgraw said...

thanks for the new share with us. i just want to let you now that.

Felt Good On My Lips

jimmy manss said...

great post !


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