Friday, May 5

Today is awesome

I don't know where to start to say about anything or myself or whatsoever.
All I know, I wanted to write something on my blog to be updated that all.

Well, here we go.

Today it is an awesome day because I was able to talk to my kids in I was able to talk to my wife at the same time. Chit chat for a while and laughing at loud

For our video in Facebook messenger. I am amazed that my kids know these technologies now since before we don't have it.

My eldest knows how to manage to call me through Facebook and say hi and hello.

And while my pesky youngest child knows how to call me directly to my cell phone, that is amazing and I am happy that they know about these things now at Days.

Then I ate my dinner and shower after.

I went to work happy and called them again through Facebook to say hi and hello.
That's it I think. At least I was able to update my blog my personal blog.

Though it's just not quite long, but it comes to my heart. ( Char) an expression.


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